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Our site supports people with disabilities, families, friends, advocates and concerned citizens.  Please click on banner links or click on PDF Files as this is all free stuff. Links/free stuff is one way we are supportive of your better participation and your rights in yours relationship


10 ideas to stop deer in Headlights happening to you.

  • Breath this is free. Long slow breaths or just being aware of your breathing will help your body system to perform and reduce stress.
  • Keep listening to yourself and your body as you connect to you key relationships and community to implement your plan.   The possibility is open to you to bring about an inclusive community with all of your key relationships and community resources supported by services in you NDIS plan.
  • Find the flow pathway that works for you. You have a choice about your next action and how you feel.   What is known about stress, is that you can reduce it by finding the flow path, not running away from change or fighting it and the people around you.  
  • Keep an open mind Don’t fear change that comes with an NDIS plan Welcome it.
  • Phone a friend. Or person of strategic importance to you, call a circle meeting of you key support and go thought the NDIS plan and talk it over as to how best to go about actioning the plan.
  • Follow the information provided with NDIS plan, such as open up a mygov account, and let you current service provider know you have an NDIS plan.
  • Negotiate with service and the management of the service for an service agreement that has all the element of support you need also talk about how your rights are ensure if something goes wrong.














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