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Who Values and the Group.

 Swiftgroup mission: " Where ideals find everyday behaviour"

At Swift Consultant Group we recognize the value of assisting people to grow and develop their own abilities, and actualise quality of life. We are essentially a social enterprise.


Our Values

  • The lived experience of all people                                

  • Universality of Rights
  • Research
  • produral justice and natural soical justice 
  • Quality of personal and organisational life


David Swift: experience in living with disability (spina bifida, hydrocephalous). David has a disability sector range of experience from font line support project work/management, and leadership roles in the Queensland disability sector.  David’s social work practice (2015) is based on the following value set. This enables empowerment of individuals, organisations and communities. ASW 44043.

Swiftgroup Values:

•             The lived experience of people with disability who are members of the group, using their experiences as a base for Swift Group to draw up knowledge, perception, insight, and inspiration.  We adhere to this principal, as we believe in the positive application of this perspective to you and your community.  

•             Participation in your community as a core activity of “withness” community development empowering people in community life.

•             Quality of personal and organisational life.  Across the domains of work and personal life, it is the humanity of people that is a focus for the energies of Swiftgroup.

•             Research that informs our people and services. We adhere to social work standards and ethics as our reference point. This provides you with extra protection of your rights and is a commitment to health, wellbeing and justice.

EMAIL as follows:

Contact: 0409 264 285

Contract us David Swift   ( M social work QUT) 


Swiftgroup abn:77 0080 308 18













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